Rebecca Anthony

Sturgeon Moon – Sold

The earth on which I stand is the Earth on which the Syrian runs.

The water I sip is the water that sustains the hearts of my Mexican sisters.

If people breathe the same air as all sentient beings, if we stand beneath the same sun, are caressed by the same wind, buried in the same dirt, are we then not all one?

The maggots, the grubs, the roots of trees, the rocks, the ants, groove in the soil, make room for our food to grow, make the soil in which our food grows.  Are not then part maggot, grub, root, rock, ant?

We are.

Living That, making art That, making THAT my art… well, there’s the rub.

I work at honoring all aspects of life in my art, the struggles, sorrows, joys, laughter, entropy, birth, the entire cycle.  I use paper as my medium because it is so forgiving, versatile, bold, colorful, organic, like the trees from which it comes.

Eventually, like everything, my art will go back to the Earth.  The trees will recognize their sisters and welcome them home.


Sub Heading 1

Engage big data yet re-target key demographics. Generating brand integration while remembering to re-target key demographics.

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Repurposing scrum masters and possibly create a better customer experience. Amplify cloud computing to in turn be on brand.

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Sub Heading 3

Create cloud computing and then think outside the box. Considering user engagement while remembering to make the logo bigger.

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