Ray Darnell  Women at Work & Play”  May 21 thru August 31 2022

Ranch Race – Oil 20″ x 24″
Ray Darnell

I believe my strength is in capturing natural movement and expression in figurative art.  In researching for my newest direction for paintings, I was drawn to images of  “women at work and play” and I had my new theme.  After reviewing some of my past photo shoots, I set up a few new photo sessions and began to compile images and trigger words to build scenarios of what my subject could be doing..  Next, I assembled ideas for settings and color palette….. and it was literally off to the races!

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Catching Lightning – Oil 22″ x 28″ 
Practice Makes Perfect – Oil 16″ x 20″
The Italian Cook – Oil 20″ x 24″
Staff Meeting 16″ x 16″
The Guardians – Oil 24″ x 18″
My Work Hat
Lead Singer – Oil 24 ” x 18″


Charger Oil – 16″ x 12″
Two Proud Mothers – Oil  18″ x 14″
Ranch Boss -Oil 12″ x 12″
Would You Like to Dance? Oil 14″ x 11″
SOLD Birds and Bees – Oil 14″ x 14″
Fiesta Queen – Oil 20″ x 20″
Gift for the Corn Queen – Oil  20″ x 20″
Steppin’ Out – Oil  18″ x 14″
The Gardener -Oil 18″ x 14″
Coffee and Wheat – Oil 28″ x 22″

Ray Darnell  Cowgirl Attitude May 2020

Ray is true to his motto, “be creative in all that you do.” Ray experiments with various media and currently works to apply the watery effect of watercolor to his oil painting. In his 2-D representational art Ray’s strength is capturing natural movement in the human form. He enjoys the technical challenge of drawing and painting the female figure and feels he has a lot to learn to achieve mastery of the subject. However, when he “gets it right it’s very gratifying.”

         Excerpt from Art Collectors Magazine 


 Ray Darnell has been involved in art his entire life. “I have always had an endless thirst to read, research and observe others. I am still learning and working to elevate the technical skills needed to control my art. Inspiration for my art is all around me,” he says. He works with the uninhibited nature of watercolors and enjoys applying that fluidity to oils as well, primarily painting women “because they are so varied and endlessly challenging.”